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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Dale Zuehlke

Dr. Dale Zuehlke

Dr. Dale Zuehlke has spent 30 years treating the people of the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, IL. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota, Dr. Zuehlke went on to earn his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Chiropractic degree at National College in nearby Lombard, IL. Three years later he found his permanent home at his practice on Diversey Parkway.

Combining his vast experience with state-of-the-art equipment, Dr. Zuehlke uses all of the tools in his arsenal to relieve your pain and prevent future injury. He has stayed abreast of the latest chiropractic manipulation techniques that have proven to be safer and more effective than ever before. From headaches to neck pain, back pain to conditions radiating from the spine, Dr. Zuehlke uses his expertise to help you feel better. But why stop at manipulation techniques?

In order to maximize your treatment, our staff will instruct you in corrective exercises to help strengthen and correct misalignments in your body. You will receive lifestyle coaching that will extend the longevity of your chiropractic care. Nutritional counseling will help you return to optimal health while massage therapy will provide complimentary care to help you achieve balance and health. Our Lincoln Park clinic can provide you with a complete treatment plan that extends far beyond spinal adjustment in order to help you to achieve relief from pain and restore you to full health and wellness.

Contact Dr. Zuehlke today for your consultation and begin your path to healing.

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