Dr. Zuehlke

I was raised by parents and grandparents who routinely visited chiropractors. When I was about 4 years old I was taken to the hospital because my leg would give out and polio was feared at that time. I hated being in the hospital and still remember being in a crib in that ward of screaming other kids. After determining that I did not have polio, I was taken to my family’s chiropractor and he discovered that I had a pinched nerve in my hip. The problem was solved!

During my late teens and early 20’s I suffered from severe migraines. Once again chiropractic care gave me relief and my newest chiropractor urged me to go into the field saying that I had the hands for it. I had already obtained my Bachelor of Arts in biology and chemistry as premed, tried retail sales, real estate sales, and even worked as page for George Ryan who was minority leader of the Illinois House of Representatives at that time. Even after all of these experiences I was still not satisfied and knew I had to continue my education. In 1979 I finally gave it a chance and enrolled in chiropractic college. Eight years later in 1987, I opened on Diversey Avenue and have been at that location ever since.

As far as what I feel my mission is??? I wish to provide good chiropractic care to as many people as possible while still being affordable in this time of self pay and high deductibles. I strive to provide goal-oriented, as well as quick relief, for neck and back injuries from over use and accidents. I also provide routine care to maintain mobility and health. I do have X-ray available but only use as needed, as I never push high pressure sales tactics.

Noel Labak – Massage Therapist

Noel Labak has a long history of experience in the Health and Fitness Industry, a graduate of the California Healing Arts College in Los Angeles. Noel has traveled extensively to perfect his technique. His experience ranges from the U.S Marine Corps, Jane Fonda’s Workout Studio, Richard Simmons Anatomy, Karen Voight Fitness, Inova Group, Massage Therapist Trainer, Four Seasons Hotel Spa Lead Therapist and Greater Chicago Chiropractic.

Noel Labak has a long history of experience in the health and fitness industry, a graduate of the California healing arts college in Los Angeles noel has traveled extensively to perfect his technique.

Working as personal trainer and television workout specialist appearing in numerous workout videos, combined with his training noel has gained incredible knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Noel was previously employed at ‘Jane Fonda’s workout’ and ‘Richard Simmons anatomy’ both located in Beverly Hills, California. Noel also spent five years as the lead therapist for the four seasons hotel spa Chicago, conde nast travel magazine’s number-one rated urban spa in North America, training the best team of massage therapists in the nation in treatment and technique, innovating spa services and developing revolutionary treatments.

U.S marine corps – San Diego, CA
Jane Fonda’s workout studio – Beverly Hills, CA
Richard Simmons anatomy – Beverly Hills, CA
Karen Voight fitness – West Hollywood, CA
Inova group, massage therapist trainer – Chicago, IL
Four Seasons hotel spa – lead therapist – Chicago, IL
Greater Chicago chiropractic – Chicago, IL

California healing arts college – Los Angeles, CA
Westwood acupuncture college – Westwood CA
Chicago school of massage therapy – Chicago, IL
Thai bodywork – Evanston, IL

Additional training in Japan, Switzerland, Thailand and Germany.

You can read more about Noel at www.sportsmassagechicago.com